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What is expected from volunteers?

Full time volunteering with EU Aid Volunteers

To be a full-time EU Aid Volunteer, you must be a minimum 18 years old and be a European Union citizen or long-term resident in an EU Member State.

Full-time volunteering is a big commitment. You are expected to be available for the full length of time specified in the vacancy announcement, which can be from 1 month to 18 months.

Candidate EU Aid Volunteers will go through a two-week training programme as part of the selection process.

You don't necessarily need humanitarian aid experience to apply to be an EU Aid Volunteer – EU Aid Volunteers is open to people with a wide range of backgrounds and different experiences. You must however meet the requirements of each volunteer vacancy, which you will see in each vacancy announcement.

What about on-line volunteering?

If you don't have time to volunteer full-time, you can still get involved! Online volunteering opportunities will allow you to get in touch with organisations that need support that can be offered remotely. Online volunteers support the work of full-time EU Aid Volunteers by carrying out short, time-specific online assignments, boosting the impact and long-term sustainability of projects.