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WeWorld-GVC (WW-GVC) has been working in Benin since 2008, with four big development projects in the Central/Southern region of the county - Zou, Collines, Ouémé, Plateau, Atlantique. WW-GVC is committed to promote children's rights and access to quality education, to prevent malnutrition and to sustain parents' economic development in 15 municipalities, 30 villages and 25 schools.


Education and Child Rights Protection are the core of WW-GVC program in Benin. Working mainly in primary schools and in collaboration with local authorities, WW-GVC aims at improving students' access rates, retention rates and learning achievements, strengthening students participation in schools and promoting children's right to play.

WW-GVC also works in community settings through an integrated approach, to ensure that every child has access to fundamental rights, such as health, protection and healthy and diversified nutrition, and to improve the economic conditions of families.

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