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In Tanzania we focus our actions on improving the education quality and availability. Our project are located in the regions of Njombe and Dar es Salaam.

Our aim  is to ensure a learning environment  safe, friendly and inclusive. For this reason we restructure crumbling schools keeping in mind also how to facilitate access and movement of children with disability, we build kitchen and school gardens, moreover we provide drinkable water and sanitation and provide childrens with  learning materials.

We also organize training courses for teachers to improve the quality of  education and combat illiteracy and instances of early school leaving. We promote awareness-raising campaigns to foster dialogue between schools, families and institutions, and to guarantee the right of boys and girls to a quality education.

In addition we organize teachers and local authorities training to improve education quality and fight illiteracy and school drop-out. We launch campaigns to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, healthy reproduction, nutrition and children rights and promote dialogue between school, families and institutions in order to create networks  and guarantee to boys and girls a quality education.
We have contributed to provide schools, hospitals and houses with electricity, enlarging an hydroelectric plant, we have contributed to improve agricultural production and therefore increase farmers income and soon will strongly  increase our involvement in women right safeguard.

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