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After the earthquake, we had to review our development cooperation targets in Nepal. Villages, where we have been working since long, were severely hit and we had to immediately face the emergency, followed by the re-building.

Our present strategy is based upon our strong points, i.e. the knowledge of some areas mostly hit by the quake – Sindupalchock, Kavre, Kathmandu – and our experience with children and women. Our priority was to respond straight away to the population’s primary needs in the areas where we were already working, by distributing necessaries. At the same time, we focused on continuing our help to children.

In fact, during humanitarian crises, it is important to protect children in a place where they can feel safe, in so starting again a normal life style, that helps them to overcome the experienced traumas.

For this reason, we have built 60 TLC (temporary schools), 6 semi-permanent schools, 30 latrines. We have distributed 2 water pumps, 21 drinking water cisterns, 3,963 pvc flexible tubes, didactic material to 53 schools and 2 Child Development Centers. We have formed 206 teachers for post-trauma psychosocial support, and have organized support meetings with 46 severely hit communities.

During this reconstruction phase, a year after the quake, we have committed ourselves with our local partners and with the local communities to start a resumption of revival and hope, thru the whole community’s active participation. We are working to re-build 20 schools (infants’ and primary schools) with toilets, hygiene interventions and water, in order that children go back to adequate schools, and their mothers can go back to work, while knowing that their children are in a safe and protected place. 10 of these schools are in a mountain locality – Milche – that is reachable only on foot, after 2 to 3 hours’ walking.

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