Senior EU Aid Volunteer, Organisational development and capacity building, India (9 months)

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OSVSWA, as a non-profit organization, is working to develop or update essential statements such as Mission and Vision that are keys to communicating and guiding an organization towards reaching its purpose, intentions and aspirations, to get its purpose of existence fulfilled. It involves the organization being able to get to its core values of effectiveness and efficiency. Organizational planning may also include a business plan, an evaluation and development to establish priorities and implementation strategies for new initiatives. Community engagement is critical to establishing and maintaining an organization’s vitality but it is also an essential component of planning for new initiatives or capital projects. This work can include evaluation of current efforts and opportunities for expanded engagement, particularly targeted towards positioning the organization to succeed and achieve its specific objectives.


OSVSWA is operating community based projects such as “community based disaster preparedness and management”, and “humanitarian support during disasters” in its operation areas i.e. Daspalla Block and Astaranga Block. This project needs continuous follow up and support to achieve its desired goal. 

OSVSWA brings a unique experience and planning approach to its project operation, implementation, management and operation services. We work with our team to manage all planning activities in line with the operational and organization development work that goes hand-in-hand with the technical aspects of project planning untill successful implementation is reached. We assist our team from the earliest stages of planning to ensure they:

- have clearly established project objectives;
- will be prepared to implement a project efficiently and effectively; and
- will successfully procure and manage architecture, design and construction services, among others.

The volunteer will be placed at Bhubaneswar, head office of OSVSWA and travel to filed sites when required. Our staff will accompany the volunteer most of the times. Since OSVSWA has a long presence in its project areas, safety and security are ensured.

The hosting organisation has developed security management plan, health and safety policy and a security briefing that are updated regularly. These documents and briefing will be shared with the volunteer at the beginning of the project.

Capacity building tasks:

- Development and facilitation of trainings for the local organization team about the construction and development of humanitarian, rehabilitation and development aid projects
- projects proposal writing,
- research of donors and partners,
- strategic development of the organization,
- budget building and monitoring

Project management and development tasks:

- research of potential supporting programs and donors,
- concrete support in the project proposal writing,
- networking with national and international network, partners and institutions
- Support of the local organization team in the construction and development of new humanitarian, rehabilitation and development projects

Support in the organizational development and promotion of the local structure :

- building of organization strategy,
- support in development of new management and monitoring activities,
- support in promotion of organization in media.


Required competences

·         Knowledge on humanitarian projects development

·         Expertise in development of various knowledge materials / tools (trainings, projects management, monitorig...)

·         Experience in fund raising and fund management

·         Report writing skills 

Selection criteria
Applications are made directly within the sending organisation, please check out the how to apply section.

The candidate for EU Aid Volunteers must be a citizen of the EU or a third country national who is a long-term resident in an EU Member State, and must have a minimum age of 18 years.

The selection will be done following equal treatment and non discrimination criterias.

- Adaptive in nature
- Willing to travel to remote areas
- Good understanding of development challenges and working norms
- Good command over language
- Should be able to endure the challenges associated with the project

Condition of service

All along the mission, the EU Aid Volunteer will enhance his/her skills in project management, monitoring and evaluation, s/he will also develop new strategies to develop new humanitarian, rehabilitation and development projects. Thanks to the projects supported, the volunteers will have the opportunity to learn new practices and tools to develop and monitor local projects.
Through the work the EU Aid Volunteer can have the opportunity to learn basis of local language, s/he will also work in an intercultural environment.

Head Office: The EU Aid Volunteer will be based at Head Office with access to computer, internet, office furniture and utilities. S/he can use the office printer and copier machine for printing of materials.

Field Office: EU Aid Volunteers will be provided with minimum logistics i.e. sitting arrangement, fan and motor cycle to travel in field site. Field staff will support in field visit and other field activities.

The EU Aid Volunteer will be placed at Bhubaneswar, near the office in a office guest house / volunteers house / separate house will be taken for the volunteers stay. He / she will be provided with internet connectivity, a single lockable room, wash room, kitchen and other basic requirements. Support can be provided with food preparation and shopping.

Selection process

The candidate has to sent the following documents to
- his/her application form SuD HAV
- his/her self assessment questionnaire
- his/her CV europass

Between the 04/07 and the 31/07/2018: the pre-selected candidates will have a Skype interview with ASPEM and APRODEH.

Between August and October 2018: The pre-selected candidates will participate to an online training (around 25 hours) and face-to-face pre-departure training (10 to 12 days).

The final selection will be done after the pre-departure trainings in October 2018.

Once selected, the volunteer will participate to a 5 days pre-departure training with the sending organization in October / November 2018.

Important notice: additional candidates may be shortlisted for a single position and proposed for the EU Aid Volunteers training. This is to ensure that for each position, substitute volunteers may be chosen to replace the candidate in case he or she resigns or is no longer available. Where more than one candidate has been shortlisted for a single position, final selection takes places following the training.

Date of training
From August to the beginning of October 2018
Apprenticeship Placement
Pre-deployment preparation and induction
October - November 2018
January 2019 to September 2019
Post-deployment activities
October 2019
Self assessment questionnaire
File 4.euav_self_assessment_questionnaire_en.xlsx