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Pan Cyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council (PVCC)
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The Pan Cyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council (PVCC), established in 1973, is the Supreme Coordinative Body of voluntary social welfare in the Republic of Cyprus and operates under the legal framework of the "Pan Cyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council law 61(I)/2006". The PVCC is an umbrella organization representing more than 400 national and local voluntary/non-governmental organizations. The PVCC promotes the principles and values of volunteerism, seeks to advance the shared interests of the voluntary organizations and to deliver a strategic vision for the further development of the voluntary sector.

The PVCC is responsible for the general supervision of the Volunteer Centre, which was established in 1991 and functions in all districts under the responsibility of the District Volunteerism Coordinative Councils. The Volunteer Centre is the official coordinative centre for the promotion of volunteerism in Cyprus. The Volunteer Centre promotes, organizes and coordinates voluntary service, identifies social needs and develops volunteer opportunities, matches the needs of volunteers with volunteering needs, recruits and trains volunteers, facilitates the placement of volunteers, provides on-going support and guidance to volunteers, certifies voluntary service.

The PVCC offers various services to its member organizations: Training-Development-Research Centre, service for promoting volunteerism, template documents service, European Affairs Service, financial support service, equipment and facilities, consultation / technical services on various domains and news services.

The main activities and campaigns of the PVCC are: Awareness raising campaigns, Volunteerism Week,  Programme "Youth and Volunteerism", Essay competition amongst the Public Secondary Education Schools on volunteerism, Activities with the participation of the Volunteer Ambassadors, Coordination of the Volunteer Centre campaigns, Civil Society Assembly, Elders Parliament, Joint Assembly of Elders’ Parliament and Childrens’ Parliament, Dialogue of voluntary organizations with the Ministry of Welfare, Social Insurance and Labour, Annual conference, Participation in decision making processes / civil dialogue, Coordination and implementation of various voluntary projects, Publications (information leaflets, thematic publications, activity reports/publucations, research publications),  Support/guidance/collaboration with member organizations, Corporate social responsibility, Contribution in policy formulation (meetings with governmental officials, organization of conferences and debates to discuss and address common issues faced by voluntary organisations/NGOs)