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The Organization for Poverty Alleviaiton & Development (OPAD)
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The Organization for Poverty Alleviation & Development-OPAD is an International Non-governmental Organization [INGO] operating in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa with an aim to stimulate community Oriented Poverty Alleviation initiatives that improve Sustainable Development; promote Democratic Governance, Human Rights, and Climate Change mitigation. The organization strives for inclusivity of poor people in Community Engagement Strategies, Public policy formulation and Research.


OPAD Promotes and practices bottom-up approach in all its development interventions which requires accurate information, data and facts on any given challenge that needs result oriented response. OPAD is one of the implementers of Beneficiaries Led Aid [BLA] in Poverty Alleviation Programmes, Climate change Mitigation, relief, conflict resolution and Human Health in our strategic countries of operations.


OPAD vision: Equitable Society free from Human Suffering.


OPAD Mission: Promoting inclusivity in all Development Agendas and Programmes.


What we do?

OPAD reconnect the poor and marginalized communities with global aspirations of making the world a better place for all. This was the ideology for its formation during Millennium Development Goals [MDGs] and crossing over to the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]; the organization works with the youth, women and children as the pivot for change that does not only require aid but also capacity and skills for turning the SDGs dreams into reality. Putting Women, Youth and Children in the forefront with the right skills, Capacity and Resource in achieving the dream of a world free from abject poverty and all other social ills SDGs inspire the Human tribe to address. Just as our vision “An Equitable Society free from Human Suffering” whether in Developed, developing or under developed Countries.