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National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform (hereinafter referred to as Lithuanian NGDO Platform) is an association uniting organizations working in the field of development cooperation (DP) from Lithuania. Currently the Lithuanian NGDO Platform has 21 members. The Lithuanian NGDO Platform was established in 2007.

The Lithuanian NGDO Platform is working to strengthen intercultural, civic and democratic societies in Lithuania, to expand opportunities for Lithuanian NGOs to participate in international development cooperation activities and to help develop their skills. We represent non-governmental development cooperation organisations in Lithuania, the European Union (EU) and other international organisations, and we are actively involved in the formulation and implementation of the EU-Lithuania Development Cooperation Policy. We strengthen NGO networking, transnational partnerships, perform monitoring and advocacy, contribute to policy development, exchange of good practice and cross-sectoral activities.

As an EU member and donor country, Lithuania participates in international DP activities, whereby developed and developing countries can work together to create a harmonious world where everyone can fulfill their rights and obligations and live a dignified life.

Competences and expertise of our member organizations: democracy, NGO law, education, social policy, equal opportunities, gender, health care, economics, human rights, mental health, civil society and inclusion, minorities, groups in social risk, migration, development cooperation, security, global education, youth, women rights, humanitarian action, humanitarian education, international relationship, children rights, social work, communication, nutrition, community development, the inclusion of elder people.

Our main areas of activities: advocacy, policy, monitoring, research, analysis, events and short term / long term programs, trainings, actions, field work.