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Movimiento por la Paz - Colombia
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Although the peace agreements between the Colombian government and the FARC - EP were signed in 2016, inequality and the violence framework persist, affecting in a very special way those people who fight for their rights: community activists, human rights defenders, representatives of organizations of displaced persons, land claimants, etc.
Therefore, we work to empower communities, especially the victims of conflict, to exercise their rights to participation, to a dignified life in peace and to development in conditions of security. In this sense, we encourage the access of young people, peasants, indigenous people and people of African descent to their rights as citizens and as victims and we enhance their impact on local public policy. We also work with women victims of sexual violence in the context of the conflict, promoting spaces for participation and defense of rights, we denounce their situation, we promote their protection, we give psychological attention and we seek the repair of the historical memory and the cultural identity damaged by the conflict.
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Volunteering for Social Change: The value of EU Aid Volunteers for inequalities reduction and local resilence building

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Movimiento por la Paz, el Desarme y la Libertad - MPDL
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EU Aid Volunteers: MPDL Deployment of Volunteers for Peace-building and Women's Rights

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Movimiento por la Paz, el Desarme y la Libertad - MPDL