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Médicos del Mundo - Mauritanie
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Objectives 2018

We will continue with the improvement of primary health care, reinforcing the quality and efficacy of health structures and promoting a participatory health system, with a focus on law and universal health coverage.

Prioritize the axis of violence based on gender, through the reinforcement of capacities, ensuring the care of survivors, as well as influencing public policies and programmatic documents of the Ministries. Specifically sexual violence, female genital mutilation and child marriages.

We will continue to promote a package of integrated sexual and reproductive health services through the creation of information cells adapted for adolescents in health centers.


What do we do

We develop our activities focusing mainly on the reinforcement of primary health care in the field of nutrition, sexual and reproductive health and the protection of children in vulnerable situations in the Guidimakha region and in the city of Nouakchott. A central axis of our activities has been the strengthening of gender equity and universal coverage in access to health


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MdM Deployment of EU Aid Volunteers 2019-2021

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Past projects (1)

MdM Deployment of EU Aid Volunteers 2019

0 vacancies
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