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Médicos del Mundo is an independent association that works to make the right to health a reality for all people, especially those living in poverty, those experiencing gender inequality or social exclusion and those who fall victim to a humanitarian crisis.

We are an international solidarity organization, committed to the vulnerable, the excluded, and victims of natural disasters, famine, diseases or armed conflicts. We believe that victims’ right to care must prevail over any other consideration. We do not only operate in countries in the global South. We also work with excluded groups in welfare societies, and especially individuals with difficulties in accessing the public health system. Our intention, rather than to create parallel healthcare systems, is to ensure all people have adequate health conditions, as is their right.

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Medicos del Mundo Deployment of EU Aid Volunteers

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  • Africa
    • Northern Africa
      • Algeria
    • Eastern Africa
      • Mozambique
    • Western Africa
      • Senegal
  • Latin America and Caribbean
    • South America
      • Bolivia
    • Central America
      • El Salvador
      • Guatemala
    • Caribbean
      • Haiti
Médicos del Mundo ES
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