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MdM is working in Bolivia since 2001. The main line of action in Bolivia has been the provision of support to public health care services and the implementation of the Intercultural, Communitarian Family Health System (SAFCI) through strategies for Public Health Promotion. The main areas of work of MdM Bolivia are the following: Capacity-building of Health Systems, Health Education, Social Mobilisation and Strategic Alliances. The specific activities relate to improving the health of people, with a particular focus on women, while at the same time strengthening the reflection of the benefits of adopting an intercultural perspective on health and promoting social participation in the decision-making process linked to the exercise of the right to health. The activities comprise studies, technical support, and continuous health professional trainings on health-promoting mechanisms, especially social mobilisation and comprehensive and intercultural care with a special focus on gender. Furthermore, at the normative level, MdM works closely with the different entities of the Ministry of Health and with municipal governments. 


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MdM Deployment of EU Aid Volunteers 2019-2021

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MdM Deployment of EU Aid Volunteers 2019

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