Junior EU Aid Volunteer in Rural Development (beekeeping) in Morocco, 12 months

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Deployment dates: 

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Aicha Association for Local Development and Environment, was created on August 17th, 2005, at the Oasis Oumifiss, commune of Laqsabi- Tagoust, province of Guelmim, MOROCCO. The educational project of the AICHA association is established in connection with the human and natural challenges faced by the population of the Guelmim-Oued Noun region. AICHA team offers a set of specific projects in which :

  • The right to sustainable development for all is a permanent concern,
  • Education to the environment allows to the citizens to act for, understand it and respect it.

Objectives :

  1. Act and react with social, economic, natural and climatic changes.
  2. Identification and implementation of animation and IGA projects that promote self-employment
  3. Develop the international solidarity


Association AICHA aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the oasis areas of southern Morocco, stop the rural exodus, restore and develop agro-ecology, encourage the planting of fruit trees and eco-tourism.


Improve the standard of living in the Oasis areas by creating modern oases, diversify income-generating activities based on the creation of forests of drought-bearing tree species (argan, carob, cactus...) and participate in tree planting cultivation. 


AICHA is a structure that is based on volunteerism, innovation, respect and team spirit as human values that make us all responsible for ensuring the ecological balance of our globe to ensure a healthy life for future generations.

Equation AICHA : Scientific and technological culture + values + work = development

AICHA Body & Committee : The main governance body of the AICHA association is the Executive Board, which has nine members. The statutory representative of the AICHA association is the president, elected by the board of directors every five years.



  1. Start the beekeepers' unit in the province of Guelmim, which has just been installed in the Oasis (queen production, packaging and marketing, hive and wax production)
  2. Train agents and members of cooperatives in the province of Guelmim,

Expected results: 

  1. The beekeeping project formulated and put into practice
  2. The operational beekeeping unit
  3. More than 200 cooperatives well trained in beekeeping techniques

This volunteering position will take place in small grassroots organization developing mainly local development aid projects. It is expected from the volunteer to be autonomous and able to take initiatives to support the hosting organization and local community in the development of their projects and activities.

According to the Moroccan Constitution, Morocco is a sovereign state. There is a developed infrastructure, governed by the Highway Traffic, which refers to all the legislative provisions governing traffic on public roads (sidewalks, pavements, highways, etc.) by users (pedestrians, two-wheelers with or without motors, cars, etc. In the region and where the volunteers are assigned, there is access to medical services, pharmacies, police centres and supermarkets.

Generally, Morocco is a safe country. However, some security and cultural rules need to be respected (dress code, not going out late, not keeping big amount of money, avoid crowded places and manifestations, avoid driving and take certified taxis).

The hosting organization will share before and at the very beginning of the project security briefing and a security management plan with all healthy and safety rules to follow.


- Ensure the identification and formulation of the beekeeping project jointly with the Aicha team
- Develop a communication, marketing and sales strategy for beekeeping products and local products in general (packaging, export, etc.)
- Development of a specialized training plan in beekeeping, with the aim of training the population of the province of Guelmim


Required competences

- Diploma/experience in beekeeping. 

- Training in rural development.

- Good marketing, communication and IT skills.

- Project management experience is a plus. 

- Good relational with clients and communities. 

- Good French speaking and writing.

- Adaptability to leave in a rural area and to work in a multicultural team.

- Creativity and Initiative.

Selection criteria
Applications are made directly within the sending organisation, please check out the how to apply section.

The candidate for EU Aid Volunteers must be a citizen of the EU or a third country national who is a long-term resident in an EU Member State, and must have a minimum age of 18 years.

The speciality of AICHA's projects requires non-discriminatory profiles, a candidate who can live in a rural environment and work with agriculture and engage in the daily life of the population.

-Knowledge/experience in beekeping.
-Strong autonomy and adaptability.
-Flexibility in a new intercultural team and environment.
-Capacity to live in isolated rural area.
-French speaking and writing.

Condition of service

The volunteer would have the occasion to learn arabic language and the local dialect, which would allow him to have a lot of sociological and computer graphics information about the life of the population in rural areas.
AICHA Association also offers the volunteer practical training in the different specialities of beekeeping.

This volunteering position will take place in small grassroots organization developing mainly local development aid projects. It is expected from the volunteer to be autonomous and able to take initiatives to support the hosting organization and local community in the development of their projects and activities.

The volunteers will have to adapt and to be flexible regarding the local working and living environment that is very different from the European one.

The AICHA association for local development and the environment, has a good experience in the field of welcoming volunteers.
The volunteer will be accompanied and accommodated in the centre of our oasis, near the workplace.
To facilitate the volunteer's missions, AICHA has set up an administrative office with all the necessary work and safety equipment.The working calendar will be corresponding to the agenda and system established in the field. Some flexibility may be asked to implement some activities during the evening or the weekend if it is necessary.
The volunteer will have 2 days holiday per month worked.

The volunteer will work full time (max 40h per week).

The programme covers:
- Subsistence allowance: 308,57 euros to cover regular expenses such as: food, local transport and extra expenses to ensure local living conditions (housing necessities, clothes, potential extra expenses in specific areas…).
- Resettlement allowance: 100 euros per month stayed in the project
- Visa
- Medical check and vaccination required
- International transport (return ticket) - covered directly by the sending organisation
- Accommodation in single room - provided by the hosting organisation

Selection process

To apply, please send your complete application (Application Form, Europass CV and Self Assessment Questionnaire) to If the documents are not properly completed, your application cannot be considered.

Late April-early May: Candidates will know if they are pre-selected for the interview with the host organization and the sending organization.
In May 2019: The pre-selected candidates will participate to an online training.
In June 2019: The pre-selected candidates will participate to a face-to-face pre-departure trainings (12 days).
The final selection will be done after the pre-departure trainings at the end of June 2019.

Information on the interview process: Skype interviews with the sending and hosting organizations in May 2019.

Date of training
16-30 June 2019
Apprenticeship Placement
Pre-deployment preparation and induction
September 2019 - September 2020
Post-deployment activities
Self assessment questionnaire
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