Junior EU Aid Volunteer, marketing and capacity building of community organizations in Uganda

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This volunteering position will take place in small grassroots organization developing mainly local development aid projects. The volunteers will have to adapt and be flexible regarding the local working and living environment. It is expected that the volunteer to be autonomous and able to take initiatives to support the hosting organization and local community in the development of their projects and activities.


The volunteer will be supported by the hosting organization Uganda Pioneers´ Association (UPA) that is located in Nansana, a suburb of Kampala. UPA was formed in 1989 and has extensive experience in hosting international volunteers and involving them and local volunteers in community projects through Short, Medium and Long-term voluntary services. The organisation is Not-for-Profit and does not represent any political, religious or sectarian motives.


Both projects are located within the same suburb. The two organisation where the volunteer shall be deployed are Pelletier Teenage Mothers’ Foundation and Voice of Women Uganda. They both strive for the protection and empowerment of marginalized women and girls in the local communities.


Voice of Women Uganda (VOWU) is a women’s organisation founded in 2011 with a mission of empowering vulnerable women and girls to understand and exercise their rights and abilities so as to make informed life choices. We are a voice drawing community and national attention to barriers preventing women from accessing and exercising their rights in their homes, their communities and society at large. Its objectives are:

- To enable women and girls interact to share ideas, knowledge and experiences geared towards improving their wellbeing
- To educate women and girls about their human rights with particular focus on reproductive health rights, and observance of gender based rights among others
- To promote women’s rights through elimination of violence and other forms of discrimination against women
- Equip women and girls with skills that will enable them  increase their income
- To advocate for girl child education and gender equity  
- To Conduct research pertaining to women  issues  

Target beneficiaries are vulnerable women and girls who are facing exploitation, abuse and/or violence. These include among others; young/child mothers, single mothers, married women living in abusive relationships widows, women with disabilities, adolescents, orphans, those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and other health related conditions. A gender perspective is mainstreamed in VOWU’s work to ensure that gender related concerns and experiences are addressed.

Pelletier Teenage Mothers Foundation (PTMOF) is Non-Government Organization operating in Nansana municipal council Wakiso District established in 2008 with a view of contributing to self reliance of teen mothers and their children through increasing access to basic vocational and employable skills as a basis for their social and economic empowerment.
The organization ensures nurturing the positive mental health, physical and social development of traumatized young parents in Uganda helping them to integrate back into their communities.

PTMOF is aimed at providing employable skills to teen mothers and other economically vulnerable  younger women especially school dropouts  and child mothers who are disadvantaged under the formal education system.

Nansana is located 13 Kms and Wakiso is approximately 16 Kms along Kampala Hoima Road. Nansana is the second most populated urban authority in Uganda with over 400,000 people. It is a fast growing Kampala suburb with many hotels, bars, restaurants, schools and medical facilities. It is generally safe, but the volunteer has to be cautious when moving in public places. As a developing urban area, Nansana is struggling with security challenges, theft and criminalities based on gender based violence. Local police station and local security agencies do put a lot of effort to manage such challenges. The volunteers will receive training and advice regarding the security before and during the project.
Wakiso is the headquarter for the entire district and it close to Nansana. It is one of the suburbs of Kampala though with rural setups. It offers great opportunities to interact with the Uganda rural population.
Nansana has many international volunteers since it is a home for many NGOs, Community based organisations and projects that offer voluntary service opportunities to international volunteers. The area offers many opportunities to the volunteer ranging from food, entertainment, leisure time, intercultural learning and exchange as well as quick access to the city centre of Kampala. Due to the high population, Nansana is greatly affected with traffic jam during rush hours.

Health, Gender and Rights awareness

Health, Gender and Rights awareness with respect to sexual and reproductive health education, HIV/AIDS awareness, sanitation and hygiene as well as maternal health care services.
- Running a maternal outreach centre
- Conducting health camps
- Sanitation and Health education campaign

Raising awareness and Prevention of Violence against Women and girls

- Community awareness on violence
- Empowerment sessions for women and girls for self defence
- Advocacy and lobbying

Promotion of Girl Child education and protection

- Sanitary PAD campaign to solicit in kind support and donations of pads
- Campaign to end sexual violence in schools
- Make reusable sanitary pads

Livelihood and skills development

- Pig Seed project – a revolving project for women living with HIV to raise pigs for income generation and improving their nutrition status

- Goat rearing project
- a revolving project for muslim women living with HIV for income generation and improving nutrition status
- Village Loan and Savings Association (VSLA) project- project to enable women increasing their saving and credit skills so that they can be able to start income generating projects
- Kitchen Gardens Project – we provide seedlings to single mothers and demonstrate to them the importance of kitchen gardening in improving nutrition and also raising income through sale of crops.

Networking and partnership building

- Participation in national and international events
- Publication of advocacy and information materials


Required competences

- Marketing skills for teenage mothers and women group craft products

- Basic knowledge about community development in developing countries

- Communications skills (including visibility, public relations and advocacy)

- Project management skills

- Organizational development and capacity building skills

- English fluency

- Flexibility and willingness to lead a basic life

- Ready to work under minimum supervision.

- Creativity and innovativeness

Selection criteria
Applications are made directly within the sending organisation, please check out the how to apply section.

The candidate for EU Aid Volunteers must be a citizen of the EU or a third country national who is a long-term resident in an EU Member State, and must have a minimum age of 18 years.

UPA organisation has a charter of values that has indicated the procedure of selection, recruitment and placement of volunteers, which is highly observed. It also states that no candidate should be discriminated according to his or her race, religion or financial status during the selection.

- Appropriate university degree
- Fluent in English
- Some experience in working with girls/women groups
- Marketing and communications skills
- Flexibility and willingness to lead a basic life
- Emotionally strong
- Basic skills and knowledge about community development in developing countries

Condition of service

- Inter-cultural learning and understanding
- Teamwork
- Project management skills
- Communication skills
- Organizational development and capacity building
- Networking experience with local community development partners
- Knowledge of local community development services in Uganda
- Local language skills

The volunteer will work in 2 different organisations and this shall depend on the available tasks in each organisation as well as the volunteer’s wish. The two organisations are located within the same suburb of Kampala and it is easy to move in between them. The volunteer will have access to the office of the local hosting project, but will not have access to internet connection, nor laptop. For the smooth running of work, the volunteer should have his/her own laptop. The volunteer can use a personal internet stick which he/she can buy on arrival.

The volunteer shall be accommodated in a shared rented apartment with other volunteers in Nansana. The apartment has a separate private room but a small kitchen, toilet, bathroom/cold shower and living room are shared. The apartment is protected with a wall fence for security purposes. The house has running water and electricity, but the volunteer should be prepared for frequent power blackouts and shortage of running water.

It is also possible to rent a separate flat and the host organisation can help with the identification of a secure place.

The programme covers the following costs:
- Pre-departure training with the European Commission: transport, food and
accommodation covered by the programme
- Pre-departure training with the sending organisation: transport, food and
accommodation covered by the programme
- International travel covered
- Insurance during the duration of the project
- Accommodation
- Local transport costs for travel between project sites
- Monthly allowance: 310,62 euros

Selection process

The candidate has to send the following documents to
- his/her application form SuD HAV 2
- his/her self assessment questionnaire
- his/her CV in Europass format

During April: the pre-selected candidates will have a Skype interview with ADICE and UPA.
Between 01/05 and 15/07/2019: The pre-selected candidates will participate
to an online training (around 25 hours) and face-to-face pre-departure training that will take place in June/July.
The final selection will be done after the pre-departure trainings in July 2019.

Important notice: additional candidates may be shortlisted for a single position
and proposed for the EU Aid Volunteers training. This is to ensure that for each
position, substitute volunteers may be chosen to replace the candidate in case
he or she resigns or is no longer available. Where more than one candidate has
been shortlisted for a single position, final selection takes places following the

Date of training
June/July 2019
Apprenticeship Placement
Pre-deployment preparation and induction
July 2019
Post-deployment activities
Spring 2020