Junior EU Aid Volunteer in Logistic and Administration in Burundi [VOL4HA_GVC_BUR_LOG_JR]

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The project “EU Aid Volunteers Involvement for Increasing People-Centred Humanitarian Response capacity” – VOL4HA, led by Alianza por la Solidaridad aims to boost the humanitarian aid sector's capacity to provide needs based humanitarian aid in disaster prone and disaster affected areas. Four EU organisations from Italy, Greece, Hungary and Spain will work together with 16 organisations from Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and North African countries, and Asia in different activities, all participating in humanitarian actions.

For the present vacancy, GVC will act as sending organisation and GVC Burundi will be the hosting organisation. None of them are faith-based organisations.

More info about this project available here:

In the framework of this project GVC deploys 2 EU Aid Volunteers to Burundi. To know more EUAV opportunities in this and other Countries with GVC please consult this page:

- Humanitarian Context
Burundi has been hit by a vast political and social crisis since 2015, which is having significant repercussions from an economic point of view, especially in rural areas of the country. During 2017, around 427.989 people fled to neighboring states. At the same time the flow of migrant from neighboring states to Burundi counts 63.848 people ( The consequences of this crisis contribute to amplify an already critical situation regarding nutrition, food security and access to basic services for the population. From the results of the global analysis for food safety and vulnerability (CFSVA 2016/17), it came out, in fact, that the situation of food insecurity in the country is worrying and continuously deteriorating.
GVC began its operations in Burundi in 1995 with emergency programs, and from 2005, with the return of political and social stability, by reviving development programs in support of local governments. During these 21 years of continuous presence in the country with the support of various donors GVC has carried out actions in several areas: health, nutrition, food safety, protection, wash. Currently GVC is working in seven provinces (Bujumbura, Bubanza, Cibitoke, Makamba, Rutana, Ruyigi and Cankuzo) on nutritional promotion and capacity building projects for actors involved in the management of acute malnutrition. In the Province of Bujumbura, GVC has been active since 1995 with different interventions all focused on strengthening the health system. From 2012 until 2016, GVC has managed a program of nutritional rehabilitation and promotion of behavioral change in food consumption, on the 427 hills of three provinces: Bujumbura, Bubanza and Cibitoke. The same activities are currently carried out in four other provinces (Makamba, Rutana, Ruyigi e Cankuzo). As part of this program GVC has managed activities based on the prevention of malnutrition for children under 5 years old and on nutritional education through the FARN approach (Learning and Nutritional Rehabilitation Centers) by strengthening the capacities of the various community actors, focusing mainly on the role of women in order to create a mechanism for education and conscious food production.
- Security conditions
Regarding the political and social context, Burundi is classified in risk category C, with a medium level of risk for GVC expatriate staff and local staff. The security situation became less secure during 2015 due to social and political instability that affected all the regions of the country. In response to this crisis, GVC supported the resumption of quick-impact activities on food availability and income generating activities for the more vulnerable household in the Province of Cibitoke, and with a cash transfer intervention in two border hills in the Makamba Province.
GVC Italy has elaborated the procedures on safety measures as well as the safety and evacuation plan, according to the local situation. The coordination office of GVC Burundi is located in the capital Bujumbura and it can be said that generally the living conditions of the staff are good and appropriate. GVC Burundi will provide for the EU Aid Volunteers an apartment 'Guest House' rented in Bujumbura near the GVC office. The Country Manager will be responsible for the safety of the EU Aid Volunteers for the duration of their stay, and must ensure that the EU Aid Volunteers will always have an accessible mobile phone with active traffic, access to appropriate means of transport and that their location is always known and communicated.

- GVC values
We uphold the Humanitarian Principles: humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independency.
We affirmatively engage the most vulnerable communities.
More information is available here:

Logistic support

The EU Aid Volunteer in Logistics and Administration support the project manager in:
• the supervision and monitoring of logistics for GVC’s projects
• the logistics response of the mission in case of emergency (definition and maintain of contingency plans at log level, emergency stocks, personnel capacity, etc.…)
• the maintenance of GVC’s equipment investment (generator, battery, solar panels, vehicles, etc.)
• the organization of the offices and the archives both in paper and electronic (projects documents as well as documents of all activities outside the projects, such as contracts, reception fees and any other useful document)

Administration Support

• supply supervision according to the internal procedures and those of the different donors (quotations, negotiated tender, national and international tenders) and for the supervision of the ordinary local purchases
• organize and monitor the updating of inventories of goods and merchandise of the projects and of GVC
• support to projects managers for the preparation of tenders
• management of expatriates transport – management of fleet, ensuring an effective and sure transport planning. Ensure that the documents of registration/insurance are updated, that the logbooks are complete and the fuel consumption is checked

Communication and Awareness on EU Aid Volunteers Initiative

a. Promote local volunteerism in disaster risk reduction, prevention and response;
b. Train local volunteers on organization and implementation of volunteer-based activities, when applicable;
c. Promote partnerships and collaboration between local and European organizations;
d. Draft and publish articles describing volunteer's experience in the field;
e. Gather audiovisual materials to be used in a public awareness activity in the volunteer's hosting community and/or local community in Europe;
f. In coordination with the NGOs partner of the project, organize and execute a public awareness activity once back in Europe.


• The EU Aid Volunteer shall perform other duties, as required

No apprenticeship is foreseen for this position

Required competences


·         Professional qualification in logistics or training in Supply Chain Management, Business Management, Humanitarian Logistics or a related field would be desirable


·         Fluent in French, both written and verbal.

·         Good knowledge of English

·         Knowledge of Italian is an asset


·         Planning, organization and resolution capacities

·         Experience in logistics management in emergencies

·         Good knowledge of procurement procedures of different donors

·         Good knowledge of procurement and management procedures

·         Adaptability

·         Team working

·         Intercultural awareness and respectful attitude towards other customs and traditions


·         Previous experience of minimum 1 or 2 years in logistics or logistics coordination by a humanitarian organization

·         Desirable previous experience in developing countries

Prior volunteer experience is an asset

Selection criteria
Applications are made directly within the sending organisation, please check out the how to apply section.

The candidate for EU Aid Volunteers must be a citizen of the EU or a third country national who is a long-term resident in an EU Member State, and must have a minimum age of 18 years.

Availability for the following activities:
• Training in presence starting from April-May 2018;
• Pre-deployment induction in GVC HQ, in Bologna, starting from June2018;
• Deployment starting from July 2018.

GVC applies a policy of equal opportunities and accepts applications without distinction on the grounds of sex, race, color, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Condition of service

The EU Aid Volunteer will attend a 30-hours online training and a 9-12-days in presence training before her/his deployment.
The in presence training will have a standard part for all the candidates and some optional modules, decided according to the competences of the EU Aid Volunteer and the needs of the hosting organization.
The EU Aid Volunteer will have a Learning and Development Plan for the on-going assessment of her/his competences during the deployment.

Hosting Organization:
• The Hosting Organization for the present deployment is GVC Burundi
Length of Deployment:
• 12 months
Deployment duty station:
• Bujumbura, Burundi, with missions in the field
Conditions of service during deployment:
• A monthly Subsistence Lump Sum (362,66 Euro per month) intends to cover basic needs and local transport.
• In addition, for each month of deployment 100 euro of post deployment resettlement allowance are foreseen
• Accommodation, Visa fees, insurance and airfares will be covered directly by sending and/or hosting organization.
• The working calendar will be corresponding to the agenda and system established in the field.
• For each month of voluntary activity two days of rest are foreseen, in addition to public holidays. It is highly recommended not to use the rest days during the first and the last month of deployment.

Conditions related to in-presence training:
• If a candidate volunteer is working outside of the EU, travel costs will be fully covered if EU citizens legally reside in a non-EU country for long-term or forever (i.e. who live in that country);
• EU citizens who are on a temporary assignment in a third country that lasts more than 18 months;
On the contrary, only travel costs from an EU country to the training venue shall be covered if:
• EU citizens on a temporary assignment in a third country that lasts less than 18 months
• EU citizens selected by the same organization or affiliate with which they have an on-going assignment in the third country if this assignment is longer than 18 months.

Please note that more than one candidate per position will attend the training, to create an additional pool to cover drop-outs and unforeseen needs.

Selection process

To apply, the candidate shall fulfill the Application Form online, attach the CV, a Motivation Letter and the Self-Assessment Questionnaire.
• Submission of applications: from 30/01/2018 to 01/03/2018;
• Shortlisting and interviews of the candidates: from 02/03/2018 to 06/04/2018.

In case of changes of the dates, the candidates will be notified.

• All the interviews will be done online. The interviews have the aim to explore both the competences and the motivations of the candidates;
• The selected candidate/s for each vacancy will be notified by 06/04/2018. The date of the notification may vary according to the number of application received;
• The selected candidate/s will attend an online and in-presence training, which are part of the selection process;

Important notice: additional candidates may be shortlisted for a single position and proposed for the EU Aid Volunteers training. This is to ensure that for each position, substitute volunteers may be chosen to replace the candidate in case he or she resigns or is no longer available. Where more than one candidate has been shortlisted for a single position, final selection takes places following the training.

Date of training
Training will take place in April – May 2018. Training sessions will be in French only if the minimum number of participants will be reached. Otherwise it will be in English.
Apprenticeship Placement
No apprenticeship is foreseen for this position
Pre-deployment preparation and induction
The pre-deployment induction is a compulsory activity for all the EU Aid Volunteers. It is foreseen at GVC HQ in Bologna before the departure. Two days of specific in-country induction are foreseen in Burundi at her/his arrival.
Post-deployment activities
After the end of the deployment, the volunteer will have a final debriefing and will take part to the final activities of the project, that will be communicated during the pre-deployment induction