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Junior EU Aid Volunteer - Financial assistant in Algeria

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The EU Aid Volunteers is an initiative of the European Union. It brings together volunteers and organisations from different countries, providing practical support to humanitarian aid projects and contributing to strengthening the local capacity and resilience of disaster-affected communities. Participants in the EU Aid Volunteers initiative must be over 18 years of age and be a citizen of an EU Member State or a long-term resident in the EU.

The European Commission is not responsible for the translation of the vacancies.

Association for Protection against AIDS was created on March 1, 1998. Its initial mission was to respond to the unmet needs for information, education and communication concerning AIDS in general, and in particular people with AIDS. difficulty and living in precarious and / or difficult conditions.

Very quickly, the problem of AIDS in Algeria was both revealing of the place of health in development and especially revealing of the existence of discrimination and stigmatization of people because of their HIV status but also vulnerable communities (women, homosexuals, sex workers, vulnerable populations, migrants).

APCS works in the following fields of activity:

1- Prevention: awareness campaign in colleges, high schools and universities.

2- Medico-social and psycho-social care: The APCS has set up a network of medical follow-up and support for people suffering from STDs and / or HIV AIDS in relation with public and private medical doctors. .

3. Defence of rights: if a person with HIV or an STD is discriminated against in a public / private service, the association becomes a civil party to denounce the facts and defend the victim. Organization member lawyer supports victims

4. Advocacy: The APCS develops advocacy for the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and organizes training for its members, in particular peer educators and volunteers.

5- Care for migrant women: Algeria and western Algeria are experiencing a large influx of African migrants. Their living conditions are particularly precarious, APCS takes care of women in particular.

The accountancy assistant will support the hosting organisation in strengthening the financial system and support in the day to day tasks.

There are no particular security issues.

The situation on the stable ground in Oran and surroundings, in accordance with the instructions of the local guardian in terms of travel at night.

Algeria: 21 355 confirmed cases. The local communities and hosting organisation respect the security measures as imposed by the local authorities, including isolation. The volunteers will participate in a security training before the departure and on arrival and learn which prevention measures they should adopt during their project, for themselves as well as working with beneficiaries. They will also be informed about the situation related to COVID19 in Algeria at that moment and receive ongoing information in case of changes in the context. The sending and the hosting organisation make health and safety of the volunteers a priority and will accord accordingly to avoid potential risks.


- Support the finance officer to carry out management operations.
- Participate in the audit of the association's accounts.
- Writing accounting documents.
- Helping to prepare the association's balance sheet.
- Recording financial flows: cash inflows and outflows.
- Transmit accounting information to the finance officer once a month.
- Carry out monthly reporting.
- Follow up on the company's administrative mail.

No apprenticeship.

Required competences

In addition to their accounting qualifications, accounting assistants must demonstrate other skills:

- Mastering payroll software;

- Masters accounting software;

- Mastering the office pack;

- Mastery of IT tools;

- Masters the rules of accounting;

- Masters the calculations;

- Flexibility, adaptability, responsibility;

- Autonomy.

Selection criteria
Applications are made directly within the sending organisation, please check out the how to apply section.

The candidate for EU Aid Volunteers must be a citizen of the EU or a third country national who is a long-term resident in an EU Member State, and must have a minimum age of 18 years.

Anyone who respects the values of the charter, the terms of the partnership, signed by the APCS, the sending organization and the volunteer, and the security guide, is eligible for deployment at APCS Algeria. APCS will ensure equity in the identification, selection, recruitment, training and supervision of volunteers: equal treatment, equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

University degree or equivalent in accounting / financial management experience.
Legal knowledge
- Fluency in foreign languages: French, English.
- Motivation.
- Tenacity and adaptability.
- Rigurosity.

Condition of service

- The associative area.
- Leaving the comfort zone, discovering a new culture.
- Improved human resources management capacity.
- Opportunity to learn financial management of national and international projects.

The APCS is responsible for the comfort of the volunteer.

The APCS ensures:
- Comfortable accommodation and good working conditions
- The APCS will present all safety rules to limit risks and fight against potential hazards
- It will provide financial support and insurance
- The APCS will assist the volunteer, maintain regular contact with him/her and support him/her during the project by assigning tasks adapted to his/her abilities, experience and needs

The programme covers :
- Subsistence allowance: 295.10 euros per month to cover regular expenses such as food and additional expenses to ensure local living conditions (housing needs, clothing, potential additional expenses in specific areas).
- Resettlement allowance: 100 euros per month remaining in the project
- Visa
- International transport
- Accommodation in a single room - provided by the host organisation
- Insurance
- Local transport - max. 40 euros

The sending and hosting organisation will discuss prior to the volunteer’s arrival about the measures that are in place regarding COVID19 and inform the volunteers. The volunteers live together and have individual rooms. They will be highly encouraged to impose security measures also at home and avoid any unnecessary travel.

Selection process

Applicants must complete and submit before 18 August 2020 the online application form in English/French (in which you must upload your CV + self-assessment form) by following this link: (if this does not work, please copy/paste the address into your browser).

End of August 2020: selection interviews.

Interview process: an interview via Skype will be conducted with a representative of the sending organisation and the representative of the host organisation. Interview scheduled for the end of August. Dates to be confirmed

Date of training
2-5 November 2020
Apprenticeship Placement
Not foreseen
Pre-deployment preparation and induction
In October 2020: Short-listed candidates will participate in a pre-departure training (12 days).
Mid-November 2020
Post-deployment activities
Not foreseen
Self assessment questionnaire
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