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Capacity building

INPLACE Responding to forced displacement in Latin America through capacity building and certification of EU Aid Volunteers

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INPLACE is a CB project revolving around the challenge of forced displacement in Latin America and the certification of new hosting organisations in that continent. Led by Alianza por la Solidaridad, it will have We World GVC, TECHO and SJM Bolivia in the partnership. 15 organisations from 11 countries participate in this 24-months project, bringing their experience and improving capacities or gaining new ones: Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, and Italy.

4 interrelated specific objectives

It has 4 interrelated specific objectives whose activities will enable to attain successful results: SO1. Develop capacities to protect vulnerable populations and communities affected by the Venezuelan crisis and forced displacement; SO2. Strengthen community-led processes in protection, preparedness, and response linked to displacement; SO3. Strengthen the capacity of organisations to get EUAV certification and promote local and online volunteering; SO4. Foster partnership among members.

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Capacities to undergo certification including administrative capacity