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Human Supporters Association H.S.A
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Human Supporters Association H.S.A defines itself as a grassroots organization, officially established 2006 in and started operation since then. H.S.A offers the youth of Palestine a non-violent, proactive alternative in dealing with the given political realities, and it aims to be a gathering point for activists promoting justice and social change within Palestinian society. H.S.A. focuses on arts and culture as tools for development especially for youth – females and males.



Human Supporters Association’s mission is to empower, mobilize, and serve the local community with a special focus on children, youth, and women. The aim is to teach them how to become proactive in their own society in a positive, productive manner, and to pave the way for future community leaders with a self- critical approach. Our mission is to prevent Nablus’ traumatised children and youth from developing without any treatment or required help. This group is provided accompanying treatments with psychological support. Our objective is therefore to aid the affected people’s and reintegrate them back into society giving children, youth, and women equal opportunities to have an impact on their society. In addition, we strive to build a tolerable society and eradicate discrimination against social classes, and gender and religious inequality.

Current projects (1)

EU Aid Volunteers Support Humanitarian Action for Resilience and Empowerment

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Past projects (2)

Sustainable Development through Humanitarian Aid Volunteers

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ADICE - Association pour le Développement des Initiatives Citoyennes et Européennes

Sustainable Development through Humanitarian Aid Volunteers 2

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MTÜ Mondo