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GDCA has been implementing projects and programmes for more than 25 years and has adapted to and developed with the various trends in development work, and at the same time expanding in terms of thematic areas in our portfolio. As an umbrella organization representing several other organisations we have contributed to bringing positive changes in various areas.


One of our success stories is how our work with the subsidiary partner School for Life has resulted in developing an inspirational methodology for complementary basic education (CBE) that has served as model for Ghana’s policy on CBE, and is being implemented by some of the major education donors in Ghana (DFID and UNICEF).

This exposure has supported the organisation’s shift in focus from service delivery to advocacy and strengthening civil society organisations.


The Danish organization Ghana Friends is our longest partnership and GDCA and Ghana Friends has developed together. The cooperation has been at the core of GDCA’s activities throughout, and capacity building of the organisation has taken place in cooperation with GV.


Further, GDCA has cooperated with other international and national development partners for a number of years, and this is becoming a greater proportion of the organisation’s portfolio, bringing new inspiration, learning and challenges. It also places demands on the organisation in terms of adopting more strategic approaches to funding and strategic planning and management in order to optimize the organisation’s potential, but it is a challenges that we have welcomed as it brings our organisation and work to new levels.

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