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German Red Cross - Togo
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GRC international aid in Africa

Africa is a continent on which continuous and well-directed aid is indispensable. The dimension of the support needed is immense. German Red Cross, therefore, works in many countries in order to improve the life and living conditions of the people.

Africa is marked by acute and chronic crises. Be it refugee movements in Uganda, Sudan or Somalia, the hygiene conditions in North Darfur, the effects of climate change in Togo, Uganda, Mozambique and many other countries, the poor harvests in Sudan and other regions - the need for humanitarian assistance has never been this obvious and urgent. Be it to enhance food security by distributing seeds and agricultural equipment, be it activities to promote clean water and good sanitation, be it health care and medical assistance, assistance to refugees or disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation - the tasks and challenges for the population and helpers as well are massive. The German Red Cross with its partners and sister organisations is committed and tries to provide fast, extensive and sustainable help for self-help.

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