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Fundacion Alboan
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Fundación ALBOAN is a Jesuit non-profit organization with 25 years of experience in development and humanitarian aid. ALBOAN woks in the Basque Country and Navarra (Spain), and works with different allied organizations in different countries in Latin America, Africa and India.

ALBOAN works for the construction of a global society that condemns the injustices caused by inequality in the world, builds a culture which promotes the common good and transforms the structures that generate poverty on both a local and global level. To achieve this, ALBOAN unites a network of people and groups from across the world.

ALBOAN focuses on the following themes:

  • Good quality education
  • Sustainable and fair economic/production development
  • Humanitarian action during recurring crises
  • Democracy that works in favour of excluded people

ALBOAN activities incorporate three cross-cutting axes:

  • Spirituality as a horizontal dimension in human development.
  • Recognition of the inequalities between men and women and the commitment to gender equality.
  • Citizen participation in social and policy advocacy.
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Exchange of good practices and Cooperation in Humanitarian Action to Generate Engagement

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