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France Volontaires (France)
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France Volontaires is a platform of 34 French NGOs involved in international volunteering. These members share experiences and best practices on sending and hosting international volunteers in humanitarian aid and development.


France Volontaires itself sends about 300 volunteers abroad every year, and our members about 5000 volunteers in total, supporting projects of national, regional and local partners organizations on a broad diversity of issues. We also host volunteers from the global South in France, supporting social development activities.


Through our network of 25 “Espaces Volontariats” in Africa, Asia and South America, we support the development of local and national volunteering in order to encourage the contribution of youth to the Agenda 2030 – especially on SDGs related to reduction of inequalities, mitigation of climate change impacts and resilience to disasters.


We have been part of EUAV initiative from the very beginning, through pilot projects (EUROSHA) and capacity building activities (VolinHA).

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Project countries
  • Africa
    • Middle Africa
      • Cameroon
      • Congo (Democratic Republic of)
    • Western Africa
      • Guinea
      • Ghana
  • Asia and Oceania
    • South-Eastern Asia
      • Viet Nam
    • Oceania - Micronesia
      • Kiribati
      • Marshall Islands
      • Micronesia
      • Palau
      • Nauru
    • Oceania - Polynesia
      • Tuvalu
      • Samoa
      • Tonga
    • Oceania - Melanesia
      • Vanuatu
      • Solomon Islands
      • Fiji
      • Papua New Guinea
    • Eastern Asia
      • Mongolia
      • China
      • Korea DPR
France Volontaires (France)
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Action des Volontaires Européens et Nationaux Investis pour la Résilience

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France Volontaires (France)