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France Volontaires - Congo
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  • The France Volontaires platform was created on 1st of October 2009, based on l’Association Française des Volontaires du Progrès (AFVP – The French Association of Progress Volunteers). It intends to promote and develop different forms of involvement relevant to Volontariats Internationaux d’Echange et de Solidarité (VIES – International Exchange and Solidarity Volunteering) and to contribute to their implementation. This projects voices the values put forward in the common charter (link to the Charter page) to which volunteer-sending organisations and the volunteers adhere. Moreover, it is a member of the Civic Service’s Public Interest Group Agency and contributes to the development of the Civic Service in its international section.
  • France Volontaires both relies on and supports key in volunteering, candidates and support and sending structures. The missions of the platform are specified in the Means and Objectives Contract signed between France Volontaires and the Secretary of State for Cooperation and Francophonie in January 2010.
  • Promoting commitments
  • Bringing the network to life
  • Being with you everywhere in the world
  • Innovating
  • Advising and guiding
  • Keeping you up to date
  • Making the most of your experience
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Project countries
  • Africa
    • Middle Africa
      • Cameroon
      • Congo (Democratic Republic of)
    • Western Africa
      • Guinea
      • Ghana
  • Asia and Oceania
    • South-Eastern Asia
      • Viet Nam
    • Oceania - Micronesia
      • Kiribati
      • Marshall Islands
      • Micronesia
      • Palau
      • Nauru
    • Oceania - Polynesia
      • Tuvalu
      • Samoa
      • Tonga
    • Oceania - Melanesia
      • Vanuatu
      • Solomon Islands
      • Fiji
      • Papua New Guinea
    • Eastern Asia
      • Mongolia
      • China
      • Korea DPR
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