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FEC - Fundação Fé e Cooperação
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We are FEC – Faith and Cooperation Foundation. We are a nongovernmental organisation for development, created in 1990 by the Catholic Church in Portugal, in a close dialogue with the Churches of Portuguese-speaking countries. 
Our mission is to Promote Integral Human Development with a vision of building a society where each and every person may live with dignity and justice.  

Based on solid values and principles, with a team of committed professionals and working in partnership in several countries and sectors, we carry out sustainable projects, which have transforming results and a positive impact for populations.

The following values and principles guide our work:

Dignity – We believe in the intrinsic dignity of each and every person, regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs, or social status.

Social Justice – We believe that goods and resources should be shared, and that basic needs of every single person should be met.

Participation – We believe that each person should be a protagonist of change.

Global Citizenship – We believe that growing co-responsibility among citizens is necessary, which amounts to solidarity, social mobilisation and sustainable lifestyles.

Partnerships & Networks – We believe that only through joint work in partnership and in networks can we embark on a journey towards sustainable development.

Sustainability - We believe that environmental, social and economic responsibility is indispensable to ensure a common future.

Professionalism & Transparency – We believe that serving the most vulnerable people requires both professionalism and transparency.