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  • Africa
    • Northern Africa
      • Tunisia
  • Latin America and Caribbean
    • Caribbean
      • Cuba
      • Haiti
      • Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
    • Central America
      • Guatemala
      • Nicaragua
  • Middle East
    • Western Asia
      • Jordan
      • Lebanon
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EU Aid Volunteers in action is a 24-month project strengthening the European Union’s capacity in humanitarian operations and strengthening capacities of sending and hosting organizations. It is run by two European NGOs, Gruppo di Volontariato Civile and Alianza por la Solidaridad and 13 third-countries organizations, with the support of one associate from the University of Bologna. The project aims at involving European citizens in Humanitarian Aid operations through the deployment of 38 EU Volunteers (20 juniors and 18 seniors) in 8 countries: Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, St Vincent and Grenadines, at strengthening the capacities and humanitarian response of 11 hosting organizations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries and Central America-Caribbean and training 220 local Civil Society Organisations on the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative.


The project seeks also at building partnership and strengthening consortium capacities in the view of joint EU Aid Volunteers projects through exchanges of practices, regional seminars and events through two partners meetings, one Central America-Caribbean seminar in Nicaragua and one MENA seminar in Tunisia. Communication will be a crosscutting component to disseminate and raise awareness about EU Aid Volunteers and the results obtained through the capacity building, technical assistance between Gruppo di Volontariato Civile and Alianza por la Solidaridad and deployment activities. Methodology is based on activities and tasks complementary in local already ongoing operations in humanitarian aid in local contexts; need assessment carried out by the all partner organizations. The impact will be wide, as the project is based on strong commitment and experience of the partners in humanitarian aid and in the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, reaching at least 1661 beneficiaries and around 10 000 persons through our communication activities.

Disaster risk management, preparedness and response as well as linking relief, rehabilitation and development
Communicating the Union's humanitarian aid principles agreed in the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid and raising awareness levels and visibility of its humanitarian aid

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