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Dokters Van De Wereld
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We are doctors of the world, part of the international Médecins du Monde network. Along with 15 other delegations we come at home and abroad for the universal right to health, with the main emphasis, access to health care for people who are excluded.

The Foundation of doctors of the world is strongly built on volunteers. Together with interested medical professionals, active members, young talent and the permanent employees we are active in for the right to health.

Vulnerable groups

We ensure that people in vulnerable positions not be forgotten and help them. First of all, we take care in Netherlands to vulnerable groups such as migrants without residence papers. They often do not know the road in the Dutch healthcare system or they are afraid to be arrested because of their residence status.

Secondly, we make with operation smile operations available abroad for children and young adults with a cleft lip and palate (cleft lip) or with burns. By the lack of access to medical/surgical care they live mostly excluded from the society.

And not for nothing we are called doctors of the world, so we also support various international projects through the Médecins du Monde network.

Active and tenacious

We are committed actively to offer medical care to people who otherwise would have no access to it. This means that we do not sit still but the field in. As important communication medium we will report the violation of human rights and risking their lives trying to change the harsh reality.

Durable and respectful

We are working on sustainable projects to enable people to influence their living conditions. Respect and understanding for other cultures is essential, just as intensive cooperation with the local population. At a solution put our teams (with partners) together for prevention, mediation, referral and, above all, training of local medical staff. For example, a project on their own survival.

Knowledge and experience

We are founded in 1997 as the Dutch branch of Médecins du Monde, an international network with the head office in Paris and 15 offices worldwide. The sharing of knowledge and experience are central in the network as well as building up expertise and ensuring quality.

Reliable and transparent

We work from a non-partisan, independent position, with reliable partners and a transparent accountability. The spending on the objective in relation to the total spending is consistently above 90% in recent years. We have the CBF quality mark and an ANBI status.


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