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Diaconia DECCB - Centre of Relief and Development - provides humanitarian aid within the Czech Republic in the form of natural disaster relief, as well as organising humatarian aid and development programmes abroad.

What we do:
- Provide humanitarian aid during natural disasters internationally and in the Czech Republic.
- Monitor international conflicts and crises in order to organize effective aid when needed.
- Organise international development projects.
- Train volunteers.
- Send volunteers into the world to assist in development and aid projects.
- Educate the public on development and humanitarian needs across the globe.
- Work with humanitarian organisations internationally and in the Czech Republic.


We currently implement development projects in Ethiopia, Zambia, Moldova, Ukraine and Cambodia and humanitarian projects in Lebanon, Jordan and Myanmar.


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Group of project participants at the launch of the project in Cambodia, holding signs saying We care, we act

EU Aid Volunteers ACTing against disaster risks

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