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Concern works in three main areas in the Republic of Sudan; West Darfur State, and South and West Kordofan States. Our programmes focus on agriculture, and building the resilience of pastoralist, internally displace communities and refugees.

Concern first started working in Sudan in 1985 in response to refugees entering the country from Ethiopia.


Concern has been working in Darfur since 2004, responding to the needs of those affected by extreme poverty, conflict and climate change. Our programmes support internally displaced people who fled from their villages during the conflict in Darfur conflict and are now living in camps. We also support settled pastoral communities in Mornei, Kulbus, Seleia and El Geneina localities of West Darfur State. Our programmes include the provision of health and nutrition services, water supply, food and livelihood security and disaster risk reduction activities. Our DFID funded BRACED programme, implemented in partnership with Sudanese NGO Al Massar, is focused on building the resilience of communities to climate-related shocks and stresses.


We first started working in Kordofan in 1985 and our work is now focused in both South and West Kordofan States in the south of the country, bordering South Sudan. Alongside direct implementation of activities, we work very closely alongside local partners and relevant line Ministries to provide quality accessible health and nutrition services, as well as clean water and improved hygiene and sanitation practices. We also respond when emergencies occur such as flooding and influx of refugees requiring shelter, health and nutrition support.

El Niño and food insecurity

Climate effects from a strong El Niño is driving acute food insecurity in the Republic of Sudan. The agricultural season in 2016 was marked by the late onset of rain, dry spells and below average rainfall – particularly in the eastern and southern parts of the country including Darfur and the Kordofan States. Yields of staple food and cash crops are below average in most parts of Sudan, which will lead to above-average market demand.

Our response

Concern and its partners, including Al Massar, have been specifically focusing on developing the resilience of nomadic and pastoralist communities to the effects of climate change. Activities include training farmers and community animal health workers, water point rehabilitation, support to the Ministry of Animal Resources to implement vaccination campaigns, and rolling out local assessments to better understand local needs and help communities develop strategies to avoid the worst effects of climate-related shocks and stresses. This work is primarily through our DFID-funded BRACED programme.

Meeting basic water, hygiene and sanitation needs

An important part of our work in the Republic of Sudan is our water, sanitation and hygiene programme. Through this, we provide access to clean, safe water as well as access to latrines. We also work with communities to improve hygiene, sanitation and health-seeking practices. 

Tackling malnutrition

One of our main areas of work in the Republic of Sudan is our nutrition programme. We use an approach called Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) to treat moderately and severely malnourished children under five. This approach is a ground-breaking way to tackle malnutrition, especially in children under five and malnourished pregnant or lactating women.

Health systems strengthening 

In 2017, Concern, together with IMC and the Ministry of Health, began implementation of a three-year EU-funded programme to improve the provision of integrated health and nutrition services and strengthen the health system in West Darfur State.

Building Livelihoods

We also support people’s livelihoods with projects that help people to earn a living, ensuring they can access food and access basic services. This involves working closely with farmers and pastoralists as well as supported small income-generating activities. We have a particular focus on supporting women.

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Alliance2015 - Strengthening humanitarian assistance to build the resilience of vulnerable and disaster affected communities through the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative

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