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About us

The Association Aicha for the development of proximity and the environment was created on 17 August 2005.


Our goals:

1. To combat the negative effects of drought, through the creation of modern oases adopting the drip irrigation method. These oases are made up of 70% cactus and different kinds of fruit trees proven by scientific research to be the most compatible with the semi-Saharan climate.

2. Promoting school enrollment at the regional level. To this end, the Association reserves 21% of the budget used for the development of the oasis, services provided by educational establishments require improvements in their capacity deliver content: by promoting healthy eating in school canteens and purchasing the necessary supplies to facilitate learning. The association also participates in the building and expanding the socio-pedagogical practices, by expanding programs and courses on offer, in more locations.

3 . Produce organic foods, and promote the introduction of ostrich breeding, beekeeping and helicoptering in the area. The latter project represents a stepping stone to the development of tourism at the local level. The white beach is a local attraction with the potential to change the image of the region, while working with local and foreign partners to diversify the local market structures.