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The objective of the project is the establishment of a skilled workforce of humanitarian professionals with the skills, knowledge and connection to contribute to effective humanitarian preparedness and response.


Recruiting people with the necessary skills in the current context of four Level 3 crises is becoming harder and harder. The EU assessment of knowledge and skills and competencies in the humanitarian sector identified the lack of technical specialists as a key competency gap. Furthermore, the 2011 Humanitarian Response Review carried out by the UK government identified entry into the humanitarian sector and establishment of a structured pash of professional development as major issues within the humanitarian sector. The project will address the need for qualified entry level 'junior professionals' with specific technical expertise and the requisite managerial capacity for mentoring and volunteering in selected third country offices. The selection of country programme offices was based on a number of criteria including:

a) strong senior management structure with good capacity to mentor and support a volunteer;

b) previous experience with managing entry level roles and

c) high demand for the type of skills this role could provide. The needs assessment methodology included questions such as volunteer expectations; the country programme's capacity to host a volunteer, current gaps within country programmes and expected added value from a volunteer.


Objective 1:

Establish a comprehensive deployment programme for junior professionals build around supportive learning and development systems.

Objective 2:

Strengthen the capacity of third country managers for humanitarian preparedness and response and effective volunteer management.

Objective 3:

Effectively communicate and promote the volunteer experience across Alliance2015, Europe and third country offices.

Disaster risk management, preparedness and response as well as linking relief, rehabilitation and development

Volunteers will complete a tailored programme which will involve different combinations of apprenticeship and deployment in a third country.

Third country managers will undertake a training programme to improve the managerial capacity for volunteering and humanitarian response.

The project will support the establishment of a network of mentors and trainers to support learning and development.

The project will promote volunteering across Europe through a series of dissemination and experience sharing actions.


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Caroline holo lorna lalor and sarah buss lead farmer exchangevisit nsanje malwi october 2017.jpg
Caroline holo lorna lalor and sarah buss lead farmer exchangevisit nsanje malwi october 2017.jpg