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Founded in 1999, ADICE is a French association which has been working for more than fifteen years in the implementation of mobility, international cooperation and humanitarian aid projects. Our long experience has prompted ADICE to develop a large network of international partners in the field of humanitarian aid (community development, health, etc.) that supports local structures and communities.


Since we want to strengthen our partnerships with non-EU organisations and to improve the integration and long term impact of volunteers on the field, we led a project in 2012 in the pilot phase of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.  Currently, we have numerous projects in developing countries (including Cambodia, Tanzania, Peru) that intend to support local communities. Likewise, we have other on-going humanitarian projects in Vietnam or Mexico targeting vulnerable groups.


ADICE has been certified under the EU Aid Volunteers initiative as a sending organisation and we are currently leading a EU Aid Volunteers capacity building project called PHASE- Platform on Humanitarian Aid for a Sustainable Empowerment with two EU organisations and 11 non-EU partners to reinforce their competencies in the management of volunteers in the humanitarian aid context.

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Sustainable Development through Humanitarian Aid Volunteers

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ADICE - Association pour le Développement des Initiatives Citoyennes et Européennes
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