Ghid de bune practici de igienă în morărit
The purpose of this guide is to meet the demands of the processors from the milling industry by developing rules designed to ensure the safety of the food products on the entire food chain. Recommendations from the guide allow to the milling industry operators to adapt the working mode and the technology and, in consequence, the chemical, physical and microbiological contamination to be reduced at an acceptable level, under the maximum accepted limits by regulations or even eliminated. The guide is structured in 8 chapters that include requirements regarding: - The location of the milling units - Process control - Cleaning and maintenance operations - Staff hygiene - Hygiene of transport vehicles - Staff training regarding compliance with the hygiene requirements - Consumer information regarding food safety of the milling products
Guide to Good Hygiene Practices in Milling
The Romanian Employers' League of the Milling, Bakery and Flour Based Products Industry - ROMPAN
ISBN 973-0-04045-1
Food: Milling
GHP (in general)
Food: cereals & flour
Construction; layout and equipment

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