Ghid de bune practici pentru siguranța alimentelor - Managementul siguranței alimentelor. Industria de panificație
The guide was conducted in order to create a basic structure of specific codes and guidelines that highlight the conditions necessary to produce safe food for consumers' health, following the movement of food throughout the whole chain: supply - production - sales - delivery - trade – consumer, and to allow for any bakery practitioner to specifically adjust their way of working. The guide is intended for producing companies in the industry which must implement, as required by law, a system of food safety based on general principles of food hygiene and on the HACCP method or want to implement and certify a management system for food safety (according to ISO 22000/2005 and HACCP method adopted by the Codex Alimentarius). The set of good practice rules actually aims at three types of contaminants (biological, physical and chemical) against which one must take effective measures to protect the health of bread and bakery consumers.
Guide of good manufacturing and hygiene practices in baking industriy - Food safety management. Baking industry
Publisher Uranus / The National Association of the Flour Milling & Baking Industries of Romania - ANAMOB
ISBN 973-7765-11-7
Food: Processing plant
GHP (in general)
Food: bakery products
Construction; layout and equipment

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