Health and Food Safety Department's transparency commitment

On this webpage Health and Food Safety Department publishes documents only in the area of pesticides and biocides, to which access has been specifically requested by applicants according to Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 on public access to documents and which have been partially or fully released to them on the basis of their application.

This webpage has been created as a pilot project at the initiative of DG SANTE in order to increase transparency. The pilot project will run for six months, starting from 16 April 2018.

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In the search field key words can be introduced in order to retrieve documents which entail those keywords in the title or in the body of the text.

In the search field, you can use keywords to find documents. Similarly, you can search for the registration number of the document in the Commission document management system called ARES (e.g. Ares(2018)999999) or the registration number of the request of access to documents in the Commission document management system called GESTDEM (e.g. GESTDEM 2018/999). If you would like to see all released documents related to a specific access to documents request, please enter the GESTDEM number in the search field.

Please note that the proactive publication of previously released documents is not a legal obligation of the Commission, nor does it create any right for the users of this webpage other than the access to the previously released documents published on this webpage. The use of the search engine in this website and the accessing of documents through this search engine imply that you have read, understood and accepted the information and conditions under the tab "what is and what is not published on this website" above, notably as regards documents originating from third parties.


Published documents on health and food safety

Documents published by the Directorate-General SANTE following and access request are available here:

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