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As development and cooperation evolve constantly, so do we. Please find in the section below the courses we are currently working on. Take a look at the teasers to get an idea and subscribe to the waiting list so you will be notified as soon as the course is launched.

Introduction to climate-smart agriculture

This course analyses climate change impacts on agriculture, food security and food systems and provides an overview of the main climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in agriculture. It also introduces the Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) approach and describes the 5-step process to implement it.
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Water management for climate-smart agriculture

This course focuses on water management and its critical role in climate-smart agriculture. It analyses the impacts of climate change on the availability of freshwater resources for agriculture and considers possible water management options for adaptation to climate change and for climate change mitigation.
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Climate-smart livestock production

This course analyses the role of livestock production in climate-smart agriculture. It describes the importance of livestock production to food security and identifies adaptation and mitigation strategies and practices along the entire livestock supply chain. It also illustrates how livestock keeping is itself an adaptation strategy and how the sector can contribute to the global mitigation effort.
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Climate-smart crop production

This course looks at the relationship between crop production and climate change. It explores the principles and practices for sustainable and profitable production of annual and perennial crops to meet food, feed, energy, fibre needs and foster economic growth in a variety of contexts and crop systems.
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Climate-smart soil and land management

This course focuses on sustainable soil and land management for climate-smart agriculture. It provides technical knowledge and examines how wide-scale implementation of climate-smart soil and land management practices can enhance mitigation of climate change and adaptation to its impacts.
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