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Gender equality is an European value but also a proof of aid effectiveness. There is evidence that gender inequality and poverty are closely related.
It is not just that women have lower incomes and are less wealth; poverty in the narrow financial sense is compounded by women's lack of political power and unequal access to basic human rights; employment; information; social services; infrastructure; natural resources. To address gender equality effectively will therefore ensure aid to be effective and benefit equally women and men, boys and girls.

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Learning is a first step towards gender equality – especially, learning on gender! Do you think you know it all when it comes to gender equality? We've created an interactive quiz so you can test yourself! Feel free to take it on your computer, mobile device or directly on our stand on the European Development Days (5-6 June 2018 Tour & Taxis Brussels). After answering the questions you will receive a certificate. Then all you need to do is visit stand 44 on EDDs and get your award!

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Gender equality, women’s empowerment and the leave no one behind approach are key to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Nevertheless, even if the commitment to mainstreaming or integrating gender analysis and perspective across all instruments and modalities is gaining prominence in the Commission, the practice is not yet as robust as intended. In many contexts gender mainstreaming is happening in the social sectors but is limited to separate components in other sectors. Same applies also to the Rights Based Approach. Then, we need to strengthen our competences, both at HQ and EUD, regarding the new coming programmes.

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The Webinar offers EU staff members dealing with agriculture, rural development and food security, at HQ and Delegation levels, an in-depth and practical understanding of what gender mainstreaming is and how it can be achieved in day-to-day work.

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The Webinar offers familiarity with and expertise on the 2017 reporting process.

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This course invites you to discover the most relevant and practical knowledge, understanding and skills to mainstream gender equality in all EU external action and development cooperation.
Duration: 3 hours

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This webinar is divided into three main sections: Gender Action plan, Gender in Infrastructure and Gender in Justice. Each section contains short (MP4) videos with moderators who present and explain this webinar on Gender.