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Financial & Contractual Procedures

Draws together information on procedures relating to financial and contractual matters and legal affairs.

The course Expenditure Lifecycle (ELC) is designed to give a comprehensive overview of financial management in the Commission and constitutes the basic financial training module, to be followed by participation in other more specialised training courses, depending on individual roles and responsibilities.

Duration: 4 hours
This course is designed to give a comprehensive overview of Fraud prevention in DEVCO. The target group is DEVCO staff in delegations and newcomers.

Duration: 1.5 hour
This short video explains what the integrated framework is, how it involves you and how it can boost the performance of our Directorate General in terms of Sound Financial Management and Accounting Quality.

Duration: 16mm
This course on Practical Guide to contract procedures in EU external actions (PRAG) gives you an overview of the general context of the EU external actions, basic rules and procedures applying to all contracts of the EU external aid and their implementation.

Duration: 10 hours
Also available in: Français
This course shall enable different publics to understand the principles and methodology of risk management in DEVCO. Sessions are addressed to all DEVCO staff. This course is designed for beginners who have never followed risk management training and users who have previously followed risk management training and who wish to refresh their knowledge.

Duration: 4 hours
Also available in: Français
The course is tailored to meet the information needs of EC staff in the European Delegations. The e-learning has a limited yet important audience (Heads of Delegations and Deputy Heads of Delegations). It is part of the 5 mandatory modules that they have to follow in order to receive their Sub delegation.

Duration: 1 hour