Agriculture, Rural Development & Fisheries

Covers a wide range of issues relevant to agriculture and rural development, extending to climate change, water, land, territorial development, innovation, risk management, commodities, livestock, access to markets, farmers' organisations, etc. and cross-cutting issues.

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Illegal fishing was a threat to Africa's coastal communities even 25 years. The damage caused by illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) is undisputed. In the Gulf of Guinea – the region in the world most affected by this – IUU fishing accounts for more than a third of catches, to a value of up to € 1.5 billion. In order to find out more watch the video. 

Duration: 30mn

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This course has been designed to support countries in their data collection, analysis and reporting of SDG Indicator 14.b.1 - Securing sustainable small-scale fisheries: "Progress by countries in the degree of application of a legal/regulatory/policy/institutional framework which recognizes and protects access rights for small-scale fisheries".

Duration: 3 hours