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Knowledge Sharing

It concerns the many ways of supporting capacities, like technical cooperation, working with non-state actors, promoting multi-stakeholder processes and knowledge sharing.

Communities offer us the power of learning and working together.

Duration: 22 hours
Also available in: Français, Español
The DEVCO Academy is a public learning platform openly accessible for the entire development community. This interactive presentation will help you to understand its main functionalities, learning methods, available topics and general objectives of the platform.
The course covers how to store and share information using digital libraries and repositories.

Duration: 24 hours
Also available in: Français, Español
Experience capitalization is a systematic, interactive and participatory process through which an experience is analysed and documented leading to creation of knowledge (for example good practices or lessons learned), which can be shared and used to generate change.

Duration: 10 hours
Also available in: Français
This course provides you with the necessary tools and methodologies to develop the knowledge capacities of your organization or community.

Duration: 30 hours
Also available in: Français, Español

The overarching theme of the 2019 edition of the European Development Days was “Addressing inequalities: building a world which leaves no one behind”. In this context, the use of technology, artificial intelligence and digital tools in the field of international cooperation and development was discussed with political figures, global influencers and humanitarian experts.

Duration: 10 min

Social media have increased the ways in which information is created and shared. It has also changed the way we collaborate and share resources online.

Duration: 9 hours
Also available in: Français, Español
The world of digital information continues to grow rapidly and affecting the everyday lives of both individuals and organizations.

Duration: 7 hours
Also available in: Français, Español