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Apoyo presupuestario

La página de apoyo presupuestario abarca cuestiones como la estabilidad macroeconómica, la política fiscal, el crecimiento económico, la deuda pública, la gestión de las finanzas públicas (incluida la contratación pública) y la responsabilidad financiera, así como sus consecuencias prácticas para los programas de desarrollo y, en particular, para las operaciones de apoyo presupuestario y los proyectos de cooperación técnica.

This e-Learning course introduces the basic concepts of EU budget support in line with the policy set out in the Budget Support Communication (2011) and detailed in the EU Budget Support Guidelines (2017, updated version).

Duration: 4 hours

The updated 2017 budget support guidelines incorporate the new policy context, lessons learned and strengthened guidance notably on policy dialogue and Domestic Revenue Mobilisation, while streamlining reporting requirements. Budget support involves direct financial transfers to the national treasury of the partner country – conditional on policy dialogue, performance assessment and capacity building.< This is a way of fostering partner countries' ownership of development policies and reforms, focusing on results for people and sustainable development.

Tools and Methods Series, Guidelines No 7

Version September, 2017

Also available in French Spanish Portuguese

Budget support assists partner countries in the implementation of their policies with transfers to the national treasury, policy dialogue, performance assessment and capacity building. The objective of these documents is to provide methodological and operational assistance to EU Delegations with a view to supporting the identification, formulation and implementation of sector budget support operations in the different fields.
The purpose of this reference document is to provide guidance on how to promote the participation of civil society in domestic policy and budget processes. The document focuses on both national and local levels, with a view to identifying entry points for EU support in terms of policy dialogue and operational support.

Tools and Methods Series, Reference Document No 18

Version May, 2014

Budget Support is a method favoured by the European Commission for its sustainability, based on partnership, country ownership, trust and results. To strengthen these, the EU had updated and simplified its Budget Support Guidelines.

To read the updated Budget Support Guidelines click here

Also available in French Spanish