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Politiques de développement

Ce thème traite des questions de développement générales et transversales, telles que le programme pour le changement, le cadre global post-2015 et les objectifs de développement durable, ainsi que de la recherche pour le développement.
Les pays en développement sont les principaux responsables de leur développement, mais l’UE assume sa part de responsabilité dans les efforts fournis conjointement dans le cadre de partenariats.

This course aims to raise awareness and provide understanding of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and familiarise the learner with the means of implementation within DEVCO.

Duration: 25 min
On 4-6 December 2018, a Global Workshop on Joint Programming was held in Cambodia, with the participation of European development partners from all around the world. This selection of videos comprises the shared experiences of various experts in the field, focusing on joint programming and providing a global picture of what it means to work together at country level.
This course enables to familiarise learners with the mission and operations of DEVCO in the context of development and cooperation, gain a general understanding of DEVCO's procedures and processes and translate and apprehend the role and mission of their units within DEVCO.

Duration: 2 hours
Also available in: French
Ending poverty has always been the main aim of the European Union’s development cooperation with partner countries around the world. While this remains our number one goal, we also need to ensure that progress we make to meet today’s needs does not come at the expense of future generations’ needs.

Also available in: French, Spanish, Portuguese
Joint Programming is the joint planning of development cooperation and external action by EU development/external action partners working in a partner country. It is a voluntary, flexible and tailored process designed and driven by these European partners. The purpose of this document is to support EU Delegations in better working  together with Member States, like-minded partners and country stakeholders.

Tools and Methods Series Guidelines, Reference Document No 8
Version June, 2018
Also available in: Français  Español
Have you heard about Policy coherence for Development? This course will allow you to better understand this important EU commitment.

Duration: 1 hour
Also available in: Français
Across the globe, the EU acts through its European development policy whose primary objective is poverty eradication in the context of sustainable development. Take the quiz and test your knowledge in this area.
At the end of the training, participants will have an understanding of the power of Capacity Development (CD), as reaffirmed in the Busan High level Forum on Aid & Development Effectiveness, both to support change and achieving sustainable results.