How to request access for you and/or your organisation on CPNP ?

What's in this article?

In this tutorial you will learn how to request access via the SAAS application.

How to read this help guide?

Go to SAAS and click Request Access:

The web link (url) of SAAS is: SAAS - Request access

You need a valid EU Login account to be able to request access to CPNP

EU Login formerly known as 'ECAS') is a tool used for authentication to applications and services offered by the European Commission; SAAS is a tool to give authorization on DG GROW's application.

Select Cosmetic Products Notification Portal in the application list:

SAAS also manages authorization requests for other applications. If you choose another application than CPNP, your request will be ignored or rejected

Click Request access:
Click Next step, step 2: select an existing organisation OR Next step, step 2: create organisation:

If you are not sure whether or not your organisation exists, choose Next step, step 2: select an existing organisation: you will be able to search for your organisation and create a new one if necessary.

Look for your organisation by typing its name in the Search box:

If you chose to create a new organisation, continue here.

based on the text entered in the Search box. This should be (a part of) the name of organisation that you are looking for.

If the result list contains more than 20 organisations, you can navigate from one result page to another using the navigation button bar at the bottom of the list.

The above steps may result in one of 2 situations i.e.:
The results contain your organisation: you can now select it.
Your organisation is not found and you need to create it. (Please doouble check the spelling of your organisation to make sure it doesn't exist already).