1. Using the System as a Public User

1.1 Searching for a CLASS entry

Any user has the ability to search for CLASS entries, using the public page.

In page CLASS Consultation, a set of available criteria is available.

Upon completing the criteria with the desired information, the user can press "Search" in the bottom right area to search with the selected criteria, or "Clear Form" to reset the form and empty the fields.

Class Consultation Actions

1.2 CLASS Consultation Results

All the results of CLASS entries matching the selected criteria in the search, will be presented in a list on a new page. The columns of the list are the Commodity Code and its description. The list is using the accordion type, meaning that all the list elements can be expanded within the list, in order for the user to explore the details of each entry.

Depending on the sources of the CLASS entry, different options are available to the user. Another level of detail can be seen depending on the origin of the information.

All the documents can be downloaded, using the button with a downwards pointing arrow.

Additionally, any TARIC related information can be further detailed, by visiting the DDS2-TARIC, pressing the corresponding button Show in DDS2-TARIC.

At the top of the page, a list of the defined criteria is shown, and the user is offered with the option to alter these criteria, by pressing the Edit Search Criteria button. This will redirect him/her to the search page, with the used criteria prefilled.

CLASS Consultation Results