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Joint Action on Implementation of Validated Best Practices in Nutrition [Best-ReMaP] [951202] - Joint Actions
Project abstract

The main focus of the Best-ReMaP Joint Action will be on adapting, replicating and implementing effective health interventions, based on practices that have been proven to work in the areas of food reformulation, framing of food marketing and public procurement of healthy food in public settings, thus contributing to increased offer of healthier options of processed foods (by reducing salt, sugar and fat from the processed foods) available in EU (super)markets. The JA will implement a European Standardised Monitoring system for the reformulation of processed foods. The JA aims to deliver a harmonised EU approach to reducing unhealthy (digital) food marketing to children and adolescents and to use already developed tools for harmonised monitoring of (digital) marketing. A prototype catalogue of food will be tested in the public procurement procedure to contribute to the higher quality of menus by assuring transparent quality of the procured foods within public institutions. Building on this work, the JA will support implementation, transfer and integration of the results, outcomes and recommendations of the Best-ReMaP JA into national and EU-level policies. Throughout the JA processes, the participatory engagement of EU and national stakeholders in the field will be prioritised.