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VASCERN Registries [VASCERN Registries] [947651] - Project
Project abstract

This project proposal concerns the registry needs of VASCERN, the ERN on rare multystemic vascular diseases, which was launched in March 2017 and which is a 5 years project co-funded by the 3rd Health Programme under a Framework Partnership Agreement.

In our VASCERN registries' project, we will:
• Use the JRC / ERDRI for storing metadata / EU Common dataset and start transforming the registries into FAIR registries
• Adapt the plan to the structure of VASCERN which is unique because of many diseases with no relations between them (no common point between PPL and HTAD except that these diseases are vascular diseases): therefore there is a need for different registries:

1) common data registry: minimum EU dataset. Already available will be the core of each registry of each of our 5 Rare Disease Working Groups (RDWG).
2) Diseases specific registries: one per RDWG (meaning 5). These rare diseases specific registries can be based on the more complete and evaluated registry (HTAD, MSA and HHT) or can be the creation of a new registry (VASCA and PPL)