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Health Action International proposal for a Specific Grant Agreement on operating costs for 2020 [SGA 2020 HAI] [882339] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

Objectives: 1.Access to Affordable Medicines 2. Medicines Safety, Added Therapeutic Value and Responsible Use 3. Democratisation of Medicines Policy
1: Seek policy support from the Governments of Member States for alternative models of biomedical innovation—delinking R&D costs from the final price of a given medicine—as one component of improving access to currently unaffordable medicines
2: Promote the use of public-health sensitive IP management tools and TRIPS flexibilities in the EU to secure affordable access to medicines and ensure the sustainability of health systems
3: Seek public and high-level government support for initiatives that improve public access to clinical trial data and data on risk biases, and that enhance medicines’ pricing and reimbursement policies that contribute to sustainable health systems
4: Advocate for improved marketing authorisation procedures
5: Continue to engage new cohorts of medical students on the need to respond critically to pharmaceutical promotion, expanding our influence to research facilities and teaching staff
6: Monitor, contribute and react to emerging and ongoing EU policy developments and issue communication and policy materials related to HAI’s areas of expertise
7: Facilitate knowledge exchange on HAI’s areas of expertise to civil society and to new MEPs through the dissemination of recommendations related to EU medicines policy, engagement in meetings and events
8: Strengthen the HAI Europe Association of members to ensure that civil society’s voice is well represented in medicines policy discussions
9: Ensure continuation and transparency of HAI’s work and expand donor relations
We expect to reach over 1000 policy-makers, civil society representatives and members of the research community in the EU through our online and in-person advocacy efforts in 2020. We will produce over 60 outputs in line with the 16 deliverables outlined in our proposal.