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WholEUGrain – A European Action on Whole Grain Partnerships [WholEUGrain] [874482] - Project
Project abstract

WholEUGrain – A European Action on Whole Grain Partnerships

Four countries will be partners in a 3-year project for facilitating the transfer of the Danish best practice model for a Whole Grain Partnership. Other countries get the opportunity to follow the project and to participate in some activities. The overall objectives are to promote good health through healthy diets, prevent diseases, reduce inequalities and establish supportive environments for healthy lifestyles by developing country-based whole grain public/private partnerships.

The primary target groups are public and private stakeholders to be included in the WGP at national levels. Consumers are end-users of activities developed by the partnerships when established.

The proposal focus on the transfer of best practice acknowledging the need for collaboration between countries and added value of interdisciplinary and policy-practice-research collaboration. The proposal further focus on a multicomponent strategy covering structural changes in form of an increase in the availability of healthy whole grain products to the consumers as well as increased knowledge of the health effects of whole grain. A multi stakeholder approach together with such strategy will provide a broad coverage for the whole population, including less resourceful groups leading to reduction in health inequalities. This means that the proposal has the potential to meeting the objects and priorities in the work programme.

The task of transferring the DWGP consist of three phases: Feasibility check, Education and Adaptation leading to the formation of the national WGP’s.

Besides leading to establishment of WGP’s in the countries directly involved the project will provide important knowledge in form of a public updated Evidence Base of the Health Effects of Whole Grain, including sustainability aspects, as well as an EU Guideline for Whole Grain Promotion.