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Proposal for a Specific Grant Agreement 2019 [EPHA 2019 SGA] [837500] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

EPHA’s proposal for a Specific Grant Agreement (SGA) 2019 has been designed to be as coherent as possible with EPHA’s 2018-2021 Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA). It provides a problem analysis for the activities proposed, taking into account current developments and evidence that are influencing public health.

The proposal defines the 2019 operational SMART objectives in each priority area and how they relate to the multiannual objectives outlined in the FPA. Each 2019 objective is broken down into concrete activities, milestones and deliverables.

In line with the FPA, EPHA is seeking funding to continue working in eight thematic priority areas: prevention of chronic NCDs, access to affordable medicines, antimicrobial resistance, digital health, healthy trade policy, improving access to healthcare for disadvantaged groups, financing for public health, and capacity building. One of the main differences between the 2019 SGA proposal and previous years is that more emphasis will be placed on establishing synergies between these areas. This will enable EPHA to be more results-oriented by fostering cross-fertilisation of ideas and action, strengthening the evidence base and working effectively as a network through our diverse membership. A strong focus is placed on ensuring transfer of knowledge between the EU and national level to support the priorities of the 3rd Health Programme and the European Commission, and to emphasise the added value of EU health policymaking.

Moreover, the proposal describes the planning and implementation of EPHA’s Work Programme, including the resources required to accomplish it (staff and budget), the target audience(s) for each activity and how deliverables will be disseminated. It also shows how the work will be evaluated, with indicators provided for each objective. The final part explains how EPHA’s operational and financial management structure supports the successful delivery, with a detailed budget accompanying the proposal.