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Alzheimer Europe 2019 [AE2019] [832650] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

In 2019, AE will:
• Ensure that the voices of people with dementia are duly included in all operating grant activities by involving its European Working Group of People with Dementia, organise at least three meetings of the group and collaborate closely with the 2nd Joint Action on Dementia and develop recommendations on dementia-friendly and dementia-inclusive initiatives
• Collect information on epidemiological studies carried out in European countries looking at the incidence and prevalence of MCI, AD and dementia, carry out a meta-analysis, calculate the estimated numbers of people with dementia in all Member States of the European Union c and publish a report of these findings in the 2019 edition of the Alzheimer Europe Yearbook.
• Identify the issues faced by people with dementia when participating in research as the priority of its European Dementia Ethics Network and carry out an extensive literature review on this subject, develop recommendations to promote a human rights based approach to the involvement of people with dementia in research and publish the recommendations with the findings of the literature review in a report.
• Continue with the development of its European Dementia Observatory, organise a conference in The Hague, Netherlands under the motto “Making valuable connections” from 22-25 October 2019 with the participation of at least 750 participants from 30 European countries and carry out an invetory of European and national treatment and management guidelines for dementia.
• Carry out a mapping exercise of its national organisations to understand their membership, staffing, funding as well as their activities and services and bring together representatives of the national Alzheimer associations for three networking meetings of the Alzheimer’s Association Academy.