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ERN RITA: European Reference Network on Rare Immunodeficiency, Autoinflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases: Year 2 Workplan [ERN RITA SGA Yr2] [811246] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

ERN-RITA brings together the leading European centres with expertise in diagnosis and treatment of rare primary immunodeficiency, autoimmune and autoinflammatory disorders, setting the stage for high standards of clinical care throughout Europe enabling centres of excellence to drive forward this pan-European initiative. Our network combines concerted efforts to improve patient care across Europe, and in particular enables patients in less well served countries to have access to the same high standards of care. Rare immunological disorders are life-threatening conditions requiring multidisciplinary care using complex diagnostic evaluation and highly specialised cutting edge therapies. The constituent groups brought together in RITA provide an exemplar of what has and can be achieved with rare diseases over time. Our groups from across Europe have already clearly demonstrated the ability to work together for the benefit of patients by constructing registries, surveying treatments and outcomes, conducting clinical research and devising guidelines for best practice which have been shown to improve outcomes. With the creation of our network we provide an opportunity for these excellent initiatives to be shared equitably all over Europe, as RITA will harmonize diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines and thus provide a common shared medical platform for all affected patients, independent of national and ethnic origins. The RITA network aims at harmonizing diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines for all affected patients, independent of national and ethnic origins, resulting in access to diagnostic tests and therapies such as biologic therapies, Immunoglobulin replacement, stem cell transplantation, and gene therapy. RITA members believe that, by improving understanding and awareness, diagnosis of these diseases, facilitating advances in treatment and educating physicians about these diseases, will ensure that every patient will benefit from clinical and scientific knowledge.